5 Styles of Korean Women’s T-Shirt Style Trends

Let’s take a look at Korean women’s t-shirt style.

Usually it’s not easy to wear messy clothes in summer. Especially in summer in Korea, the humidity is high, so a T-shirt that can be worn lightly and has excellent breathability is a must-have item for Korean women.

Just because a T-shirt is an item that anyone can easily wear, you need to create a style that reveals your personality. If you understand the current trend of women’s t-shirt coordination and understand the characteristics and materials, you will be able to complete a great style that is different from others.


Korean women’s t-shirt style trends

  • Basic T-shirt: Universality that goes well with any style. Matching clothes and accessories are even more important.
  • Logo/Printed T-shirt: Retro design from the 90s. The fashion of heavy metal printing
  • Striped T-shirt: Not only traditional burgundy stripes, but also 90s style multi-stripes
  • Tie-dye T-shirt: 90s street style

Korean women’s t-shirt style trends can be summarized in this simple way.


1.Basic T-shirt

Korean brands : Yan13, Loeil, Loeil, Deans

The basic T-shirt can easily match any style. You can also stylishly change the shortcomings of a basic T-shirt that is too easy to wear by tucking the top into the bottom.

Korean brands : Yignil, Greedilous, Loeil, Loeil
Korean brands : Loeil

The basic T-shirt is more important with matching clothes, shoes, and accessories, because the mood of the style changes a lot depending on which items are matched.

Wide leg pants and flared pants alone can reveal an excellent identity, and the match with skirts is also excellent.

In particular, even when wearing a formal look like an office look, a basic T-shirt is an easy-to-use item.


2. Striped T-shirt

Korean brands : Loeil, Rocketlunch, Untage, Oioi

The dramatic contrast of the striped T-shirt makes you feel cool and refreshing. That’s why it is an item that Korean women visit a lot in summer.

It can be easily styled anywhere with a dense stripe pattern that can be seen as a single color from a distance, or a basic two-color stripe T-shirt.

The thick and striking color stripes can be worn more casually.


3.Logo T-shirt

Korean brands : Yan13, Tailorstudio, Untage, Untage, tailorstudio, anoutfit

The logo T-shirt is also consistent with the current Korean women’s fashion trend, which actively reveals the brand.

The clean and outstanding logo can be styled in any style.

It’s more intuitive and more intuitive than a printed T-shirt, so it can be matched not only to casual wear, but also to blazers and skirts.


4.Printed T-shirt

Korean brands : Oioi, TMO, Untage, Anoutfit

Printed T-shirts are a sure-fire item that can capture your attention and give your personality a simple summer taste.

Since printing contains design intent, it’s good to have a t-shirt at the center of your style.

In particular, printing goes best with casual styles, and you can easily style it with not only denim pants, denim skirts, but also sporty athleisure styles.


5. tie-dye t-shirt

Korean brands : 13months, 13months, Apparelxit

The tie-dye t-shirt is a retro item representing the 70s.

It was popular with hippies and bohemians in the 70s, but also through youth street culture in the 90s in Korea. So you can easily create style with street style.
Match the overfit tie-tie T-shirt, jogger pants, cargo pants, and ugly shoes to complete the women’s T-shirt style.