6 features of Korean women’s minimalist outfit

Most Korean girls love minimalist style, but there are some rules for perfect style.

The minimalist creates a neat image with a simple, modern, and precisely cut silhouette. Let’s find out the perfect Korean woman minimalist style through a few rules.


Korean women’s minimalist style features

First, let’s summarize the key features of Korean women’s minimalist style.

  • Chrome color, neutral color
  • Simple detail
  • Basic item


Korean woman’s minimalist style

Modern lifestyles impose excessive unnecessaryness on urban people. The same goes for fashion, but most Korean women wear only about 20% of the clothes in the closet.

Minimalist pursues the essential and the basic. It’s not just the number of clothes, but the intuitive attitude to clothes, the essentials.


1.Monochrome color

Korean Fashion Brands : Klean Yan13
Korean Fashion Brands : Yan13

Monochrome colors do not have their own color characteristics, and only the difference between light and dark exists, mainly supporting other colors.

Therefore, it conveys the feeling of extreme modernity, the image of a modern city, and artificial colors.


2.Neutral color

Korean Fashion Brands : Loeil
Korean Fashion Brands : Musee Yan13
Korean Fashion Brands : Mol The-abon

Korean women are not only using monochrome colors in a minimalist style. The color combination that is often used with chrome color is neutral color, that is, neutral color.

Neutral colors are colors that can be obtained from nature. Sea, field, sand, rocks, trees, forest, etc. So it’s easy to match each other, but it also gives you psychological stability.

Brown/Navy/Ivory/Khaki are representative neutral colors.


3.Simple details

Korean Fashion Brands : Mimthewardrobe Yignil
Korean Fashion Brands : Yignil The-abon

If you think about what minimalism is aiming for, it may be natural for unnecessary details to disappear.

An important part of completing the minimalist style is the simplification of detail. Streamlined detail allows you to focus on the relatively fit and dressing subjects.


Korean women’s minimalist trend

The basic concepts and characteristics of Korean women’s minimalist are as above. Of course, this is not the only element of the minimalist.

Trends that are currently popular are also well integrated in the minimalist, but you can try adding a few trends to make the Korean woman minimalist trendy.


1.Oversized outfit

Korean Fashion Brands : Yignil Musee
Korean Fashion Brands : Mol The-abon

An oversized outfit that best represents current trends.

Wear oversized outfits while retaining the basic features of a minimalist.


2.Basic color

Korean Fashion Brands : Yan13
Korean Fashion Brands : Yan13

You can also match the basic color that catches one eye on the monochrome/neutral color.

If you match the basic color to the area that occupies a large area of the body, such as an outer or bottom, it is possible to change the minimalist identity, so it is recommended to add color to the small part.


3.Check / Stripe

Korean Fashion Brands : Yan13 The-abon
Korean Fashion Brands : Loeil Yan13

If you add a pattern to a Korean woman minimalist style, you should basically choose a small pattern that doesn’t look too fancy or a small pattern that can look like a single color when viewed from a distance.

If you use a small check or a black/white stripe that can keep the minimalist character intact, you can maintain the overall balance.