9 types of Korean women’s skirts trends

What are the trends in Korean women’s skirt types this year?

The Korean street style maximalist fashion exploded in popularity last year over the popularity of leopard skirts, floral skirts and maxi skirts.

A lot of skirt trends are pouring out now, but you will need to find key items that can be practically used as everyday clothes.

So, here are 8 kinds of Korean women’s skirts that will be popular this year.


8 types of Korean women’s skirt trends

First, shall we look at the trend of Korean women’s skirt types?

  • Traditional skirt
  • Various materials and various printing skirts
  • Skirt detail to create a rich silhouette
  • Creative design
  • Maximism

If you want to fill your wardrobe with a new style, I hope you have a look at the 8 Korean women’s skirt trends below.

*(I used a Korean women’s fashion brand lookbook.)


8 Trends of Korean Women’s Skirt Types

1.Skirt length

Korean fashion brands : Biscuitshop Deans
Korean fashion brands : Bibyseob Happening
Korean fashion brands : RocketxLunch mol

In Korea, the long-lasting maxi skirt trend continues this year.
Traditional midi skirts and casual mini skirts are also great options.


2.Skirt material

Korean fashion brands : Babletwo Ouimaisnon
Korean fashion brands : Rocketxlunch Biscuitshop
Korean fashion brands : Rocketxlunch Bibyseob
Korean fashion brands : Deans c-l-o
Korean fashion brands : Loeil Deans Loeil

In Korea, the rock chic of the 70’s, the youth fashion and the street style of the 90’s featured various materials and printing skirts.

Especially this year, leather skirts, denim skirts, slip skirts, leopard printing skirts, and floral printing skirts are highlights in Korea.


3.Pleats skirt

Korean fashion brands : Nicknnicole Rocketxlunch
Korean fashion brands : Loeil Sorrytoomuchlove

Pleated skirts are as diverse as their popularity. Pleated skirts with tight pleats are sometimes called accordion pleated skirts.


4.Ruffled skirt

Korean fashion brands : Biscuitshop Juliebeans
Korean fashion brands : Yan13 Bibyseob

Ruffled skirts with ruffles on the skirt are the best choice for a romantic weekend night.
The luxurious and rich atmosphere immediately after World War II, where the ruffled skirt was popular, fits well with the current Korean women’s fashion trends.


5.wrap skirt

Korean fashion brands : Salondeseoul Loeil
Korean fashion brands : Juliebeans Nota

The wrap skirt, which is made in various lengths, styles, and waists to provide a comfortable fit, is a popular item worn by young Korean women.


6.Button front skirt

Korean fashion brands : Bibyseob Biscuitshop
Korean fashion brands : Bibyseob Bibyseob

The classic design of the 70’s button front skirt is not only an office look that can be used in the office, but also a retro style.


7.A-line skirt / H-line skirt

Korean fashion brands : Yan13 Yan13 Deans
Korean fashion brands : Nicknnicole Biscuitshop Salondeseoul

H-line skirts are also called pencil skirts. In Korea, skirts with a tighter hem are sometimes called pencil skirts.

It’s known as an office work dress, but it’s also the best skirt for a chic urban look.

The A-line skirt is also one of the skirts that you can always wear, leaving the trend. The line that emphasizes the narrow waist and spreads down makes the girl emotional.