How to wear a bucket hat in Korean men’s fashion style

Korean men’s bucket hat fashion was born through various subcultures. It is not only related to fishing and mountains, but also has a broad spectrum of Korean street culture of the 90s, hip-hop and resort fashion.

The current Korean men’s bucket hat is a basic fashion item worn by many Korean men regardless of trends.


4 ways to style Korean men’s bucket hats

The bucket hat is a bold style that attracts people’s attention compared to a regular ball cap. So, you can effectively style your bucket hat if you follow a few rules.

  • Oversized-An oversized silhouette is the most representative feature of the street in the 90s of Korea, where bucket hats were popular.
  • Bucket Hat Focus-Bucket hats are bold in style, so you should avoid collisions with the rest of your outfit. Avoid fancy clothes and wear relatively simple.


Trying on a bucket hat in Korean style

1.Street style

Korean brands : anoutfit 13months
Korean brands : anoutfit voiebit

Street style can best express a bucket hat as a Korean fashion style. Casual wear based on oversize makes a good match with bucket hats, but outerwear such as puffer jacket, harrington jacket, and coach jacket also goes very well.

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Korean brands : loeil
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Bucket hats are easy to use for your summer style. Just by matching it with an oversized T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts and sneakers, you can complete the summer fashion style that Koreans love.


2.Formal wear

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Korean brands : voiebit a-gloww

As explained above, bucket hats can be inspired by Korean street styles of the 90s. Even relatively traditional items such as blazers, shirts, and slacks can easily be paired with a bucket hat if the oversized trend is properly melted.


3. Minimalist

Korean brands : a-gloww
Korean brands : coucou intempomood

If you find it difficult to style men’s bucket hats, try a minimal look with an oversized fit. Bucket hats have a great presence, so you can add a simple style but not boring.


4. Sportswear

Korean brands : coucou 13month
Korean brands : massnoun

Bucket hats were functional hats for farmers and fishermen in the early 1900s. From a practical point of view, sportswear and bucket hats are a great combination.

The matching of functional sportswear such as windbreaker, sweatshirt, track jacket, jogger pants and cargo pants with bucket hat is also a fashion that Korean men enjoy.