How to wear a Hawaiian shirt in Korean style

The Korean men’s Hawaiian shirt style, as its name suggests, is a fashion symbol of a resort. Also, over the years, it has been treated as a fashion that can be enjoyed by uncles who have no interest in fashion.

However, in the mid-1990s, many people enjoyed Hawaiian shirts.
In the 90s, Hawaiian shirts re-emerged due to travel themes that anyone can enjoy freely, warm and peaceful temperatures unique to the tropics, and a pleasant reggae rhythm.


How to wear a Hawaiian shirt in Korean style

How do Korean men wear Hawaiian shirts nicely?

  • It’s not always good to say that style is exaggerated.
    People will usually wear pants that are colored like black, beige, or ivory, so you should choose a shirt that matches your color. Colors such as red/blue/green/yellow/black are colors that are often found in Hawaiian shirts and can be paired relatively easily.
  • Focus on Hawaiian shirts to create style. You can choose printing considering your taste and personality.
  • The polyester material is thin and light, while the cotton is strong and durable.


Korean men Hawaiian shirt style

1. Urban Casual

Korean brands : anoutfit SSY
Korean brands : anoutfit

If you are trying Hawaiian shirts for the first time, you may be hesitant because of the gorgeous colors and printing.

Choosing an item that is as simple as possible and can assist the shirt to create a neat and modern style is the core of urban casuals that Korean men prefer. Among them, the achromatic black slack can well support the bold pattern of the shirt while reflecting the modern mood.

Complete urban casual style with slacks and loafers/oxford shoes.


2.Beach casual

Korean brands : anoutfit SSY
Korean brands : SSY

Beach casual, a resort look that can be enjoyed at a resort, is also a great option for a casual Hawaiian shirt.

Using the shirt as the top layer, it acts like a jacket. Hawaiian shirts are usually worn oversized, and light sandals, shorts and joggers can be used to complete beach casual wear.


3. Retro look

Korean brands : trip le sense
Korean brands : trip le sense

The idea of a retro look using Hawaiian shirts can be derived from the 70’s style.

The ’70s is an era when colorful patterns and colors were used a lot, and you can easily express a retro look with Hawaiian shirts and brown-tone slacks or boot-cut style slacks.

At the time, hippies and bohemians were popular in Korea, and long hair like shag-cuts was popular, so long hair also helps make this mood.