How to wear Korean boyish style

In the past, there was a time when the term “tomboy” was often used to describe “boyish style” in Korean women’s fashion.

Literally, “Boysch style”, which refers to a masculine feminine style, and “gender neutral”, which breaks the existing stereotypes about gender equality and gender roles, are different concepts.
You can effectively incorporate these recent fashion trends in Korea into your boyish style.


How to wear Korean boyish style


Hoodies, check shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, cargo pants, jogger pants, chino pants, and most of the basic things are unisex items. Korean women create a boyish mood just by pairing these basic items.

Choose an oversized fit and match unisex items freely so as not to reveal the female S-line body.

In addition to the advantage of being easy and light to wear, basic casual items also have the advantage of being easy to create styles. Because it is a basic design, it matches any item well.



Which items can best express the masculine atmosphere? If the unisex items we looked at were located in the middle of men and women, leather items and military items are items that are more masculine.

These items are transferred to women’s fashion and express the urban and chic charm of Korean women.

In particular, leather jackets have a strong image of materials and details. Because of this, Korean women pair with simple clothes, centering on leather jackets.

You can express the urban mood with black slacks, or you can match denim to create a classic rock chic style.



Military items can also effectively express a boyish style. Bomber, parka, and camouflage cargo pants are representative military items.

In particular, you can express a more military mood by combining camouflage cargo pants and black color.

It is also the style of many Korean women to express the street mood by matching it with a bucket hat, track pants, and oversized hoodie.


4.Youth street style

Nothing can express youthfulness like denim and sportswear, and with such an active image, you can complete your boyish fashion style.

The recent Korean women’s fashion trend is inspired by the youth culture of the 90s, so it is worth actively using denim and sporty items.

Denim makes it really easy to express your boyish style. Try on a vintage washed denim jacket or a pair of pants and jacket/shirt denim.

You can create a tomboy style with a denim jacket, jeans/pants, and sneakers, and a retro mood of 90s Korean youth style with a pair of denim.



Try on active wear for a boyish look. You can show off the charm of a boyish Korean woman through track jacket, jogger pants, windbreaker, and runner sneakers.


6.Smart casual

Vintage denim and angular wide shoulder blazers are representative styles that can express fashion in the 90s.

You can complete a sophisticated office look by simply replacing the skirt with pants and the heel with Oxford shoes/loafers in formal wear such as oversized silhouette coats and turtleneck knitwear.



The suit is a key item that expresses a boyish suit fashion. In particular, the oversized fit can highlight the more masculine side by covering the body.

You can upgrade your style with traditional black and navy colors, plus patterned striped suits and sneakers.