How to Wear Korean Women’s Wide Leg Pants Style Trend

Korean women’s wide pants style is one of the styles that can best reflect the current Korean fashion trends.
There is still a lot of demand for slim pants, but many Korean fashion brands are also paying attention to women’s wide leg pants, gradually replacing slim pants.


How to wear Korean women’s wide leg pants style

Currently, there are two types of korean women’s wide leg pants style trends that are popular in Korea. It can be divided into cropped wide pants and wide leg pants, both of which can be easily worn in most styles.

However, as everyone wants to look long and slim, we need a smarter way to wear wide pants.

  • Wide leg pants can make the legs look longer by tucking the bottoms into the top.
  • Ugly shoes / high heels help to make the body look slim and long
  • Well-cut short cropped pants express a more modern mood than wide leg pants with brakes.


1.Crop wide leg pants

Korean brands : tailorstudio


Korean brands : nickandnicole rocketxlunch

Cropped pants usually have one to two pleats at the waist. These pants are made to be worn around the belly button by making pleats at the waist. These features can be seen as the same features of the baggy pants. That’s why you can sometimes see carrot fit pants.

For wide cropped pants, it is always the most important to create a clean silhouette.

5 cm above the peach bone! A length that feels a bit short is the most suitable. If you enjoy street casual, you can also fold the hem once or twice.

Korean brands : deans rocketxlunch

Cropped pants can make the legs look shorter for short women, so it’s always good to put a top on the bottom to make the legs look longer. It is also good to increase the physical height by wearing high-heeled sneakers and heels.

If you are a woman who can’t wear heels, try unifying the color of your pants and shoes. For example, wearing black pants and black shoes. It gives a sense of unity from the waist to the toes, making the legs look longer.


2. Wide leg pants

Korean brands : triplesense theabon

Wide leg pants have features that cover the length of the shoe and do not make pleats in most of the waist.

The pleats make the hips bigger and closer to the carrot fit, but if you don’t make pleats on the waist, you can make a clean straight fit up to the waist and hips.

Korean brands : the a-bon , deans


Korean brands : loeil, the a-bon

Wide leg pants are also essential to tuck the top into the bottom.

Wide leg pants are characterized by a length that is long enough to sweep the floor, but a length that is much longer than your leg length makes the hem dizzy and the legs look shorter.

If you set the hem to the length of the brake, it makes your legs look longer.


3.Korean women’s Wide leg pants + outer

Korean brands : deans


Korean brands : loeil, nickandnicole

In fact, it is not necessary to style the cropped wide pants and wide leg pants completely. wide leg pants go well with any style, so you can wear them without much trouble.

In particular, if you’re matching an outer that covers your hips, you should always put topwear on your bottoms so that your lower body starts at the waist. If you are wearing a maxi coat and wide leg pants and it looks too loose and big, you can emphasize the waist by attaching a strap around the waist to create an optical illusion of a longer lower body ratio.