Korean Men’s Cuban Collar Shirt Style Guide

Korean men’s Cuban collar shirt coordination can be worn freely without a tie, making it versatile not only in classic style, but also in casual style.

In Korea, Cuban collar shirts are also commonly referred to as “open collar” shirts. This is a shirt with an open top button, so it is said to be called so.

There are many variations of open collars, but here we have divided them into Cuban collars / Hawaiian shirts that are currently popular with Korean men.


Korean Men’s Cuban Collar Shirt Style Features

  • Comfortable fit without the need for a tie
  • Collar style suitable for summer
  • Neckline that naturally opens in a V shape
  • Layering overlaid on the jacket lapel


How To Wear Korean Men’s Cuban Collar Shirt Style

1.Cuban collar shirt

Cuban collar shirt originated in the hot tropical regions. Cuban collar shirts are sometimes referred to as camp collar shirts.

There are various theories about the origin of the Cuban collar shirt, but I think it originated in the work clothes of South American workers in the 18th century. Also, it is not known exactly when it moved to the United States, but this shirt style also gave rise to a sensation in American men’s fashion in the 50s.

Due to the recent retro fashion trend, Cuban collar shirts can now be found in most Korean men’s shirts and are made in any form we can imagine.

Korean brands : deans
Korean brands : partimento yan13

Cuban collar shirts are made of oversized fit, short sleeves, and cool fabrics, and most Hawaiian shirts also feature a Cuban collar. It features a naturally V-shaped neckline.

This shirt makes it easy for Korean men to enjoy their favorite smart casual style even in hot seasons such as summer. You can easily complete it by pairing slacks / chino pants, oxford / loafers.

Korean brands : trip le sense, voiebit

The Cuban collar shirt was also a fashion in the 60s and 70s. Wide leg pants, bootcut pants and deep Cuban collar shirts can easily create a summer retro look.

Korean brands : noir
Korean brands : voiebit, metapher

You can open a Korean men’s Cuban collar shirt and use it as the outermost layer, and you can pair wide denim pants and a denim shirt, or add black shorts, tube socks, and sneakers to express a casual style.


2. Hawaiian shirt

One of the most common Korean men’s shirt styles is shirts with various patterns.

Usually Cuban collar shirts are the clothes that holidaymakers seek out of strict attire, so the wide fit and tropical-inspired printing became popular.

Korean brands : anoutfit
Korean brands : trip le sense
Korean brands : danhous

Men’s Cuban collar shirts with patterns usually have a strong design or color, so choose a simple, monochromatic style for your pants to prevent distraction and maintain overall balance.

Black is a regression color that subsidizes other colors, which can easily aid patterns. Alternatively, you can use neutral colors such as beige, brown, khaki, and navy to create a balanced and beginningly stable feel.


Cuban collar shirts are the best for layering

As explained earlier, the Cuban shirt has a V-neckline, so it’s great for layering the collar over the jacket lapel.

That’s why many recent Korean men’s fashions are wearing a Cuban collar shirt on a blazer. This is a reproduction of the classic style of the 60s, and it is a method that you can also apply to regular polo collars and shirts.

The V-neck line can create a deep V-line not only for a Cuban collar shirt, but also for a regular shirt, creating a free and comfortable image.