Korean Men’s Short Sleeved T-Shirt 4 Fashion Styles

Let’s look at how to easily wear the four styles that are currently popular among Korean men’s short-sleeved T-shirt fashion.
When choosing a T-shirt, you can easily complete the style you want by considering not only the design but also the trends and characteristics of the times.

T-shirts are an item that anyone can easily wear, but only a combination that goes well with each other creates the perfect summer styling.

Here, we have summarized the basic short-sleeved T-shirts, neon/pop color T-shirts, from formal style to casual style.

How to wear Korean men’s short-sleeved T-shirt

1.Basic short-sleeved T-shirt

Korean Brands : noir, loeil, deans, loeil, yan13, yan13

Men’s basic short-sleeved t-shirts are literally the basic style of t-shirts. The simple design makes it easy to wear in any style, but what makes the t-shirt stand out the most is pairing it with other basic items.

Black slacks are a versatile basic item, and slim fit jeans denim pants and black shorts are also basic items that can be matched with a basic short-sleeved tee.

The basic items can well express a minimalist sensibility and are a timeless men’s summer style.


2.Logo short-sleeved T-shirt

Korean brands : trip le sense, anoutfit, SSY, anoutfit, yan13, SSY

In the early 1900s, logo printing, which was a means of promoting college circles, gradually spread to the sports and fashion brand areas, and in the 90s, it was mixed with the street culture of Korean youth. The current retro fashion is based on the 90s, so many logo T-shirts are on the market.

The focus of these logo T-shirts is basically to actively appeal the brand. In other words, you need to focus your attention on the logo. That’s why most brands that have strong brand power or are proud of their branding design a “simple” logo on their t-shirts.

This logo short-sleeved T-shirt delivers a more trendy sensibility compared to the basic T-shirt. From slacks to wide pants, denim pants, ugly shoes, long belts, belt bags and ball caps, it has the advantage of completing a variety of styles such as minimal look, street look, and casual look.


3.Printed short-sleeved T-shirt

Korean brands : untage, SSY, massnoun, signature

Men’s printed short-sleeved T-shirt is the best item for a casual look. The bold and intriguing print design goes well with casual and street clothing.

Printed T-shirts are very casual clothes, so they need to be able to reflect the oversized trend well.

Oversized denim pants, cargo pants, shorts and ugly shoes, sandals, and one or two accessories can be added to complete a casual look or street look.


4.Neon / pop color T-shirt

Korean brands : loeil, anoutfit, massnoun, massnoun

The neon / pop color T-shirt gives an active and dynamic image. Even if you don’t dare to style it flashyly, it gives personality to a simple summer fashion due to its eye-catching effect.

Complete the Sports Lux look with oversized T-shirts and jogger pants, shorts, sneakers, and ugly shoes.


Summary of features of Korean men’s short-sleeved T-shirt

  • Basic short-sleeved T-shirt is paired with other basic items
  • The logo T-shirt is more casual than the basic short-sleeved T-shirt, but can express a variety of styles such as casual look and street look.
  • Printed T-shirt is a perfect summer casual style paired with a variety of streetwear
  • Neon / pop color T-shirts have an active image, so they match excellent sportswear.


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