Korean men’s striped shirt style trend

Striped shirt is a fashion that represents Korean men’s fashion in the spring/summer season.

The classic striped shirt is a part of Korean men’s fashion every spring/summer, but this season you can focus on trends and create styles in an accessible way.


Korean men’s striped shirt style trend

  • Two-tone striped shirt: The line of two colors that is simply repeated has a calming effect but draws attention compared to the basic shirt.
  • Multi-striped shirt: Multi-stripes with different colors and widths are associated with exaggerated and colorful clothing trends.

The stripe pattern has a regular repeating pattern except for very large blocks, so it can be easily paired with most clothing. In addition to this, the vertical stripe can also have a long optical illusion effect, so it is an item that all body types can wear.


1.Smart casual

The easiest way to style a men’s striped shirt is to wear it in a dandy style. Pairing with breathable slacks and lightweight chino pants can express cool summer smart casual wear.


2.Oversized silhouette

The two-tone stripe is a classic pattern, but it can be worn trendy with an oversized silhouette.

For oversized silhouettes, choose a clearer stripe pattern that stands out more or a cooler stripe that adds a refreshing feeling.If you create a layered style with a knit or jacket, choose a pinstripe that can easily match other items, or a calming stripe.


3.Rock chic

Korean men’s striped shirts can be combined with almost any outfit. Matching black jeans, denim, boots, and metal accessories to a striped shirt makes it easy to create a chic look.

The dense stripe pattern can be seen as a single color when viewed from a distance, creating a neat and neat atmosphere, and the multi-stripe pattern with various colors and patterns can show gorgeous and chic.