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Korean men’s wide leg pants style

Korean men’s wide pants are quickly replacing slim pants. Fashion’s fashion changes and disappears quickly, but there are some that remain relatively long, and in that sense, wide pants can be seen as an important item of Korean men’s and women’s fashion in the future.

In the 2000s, extreme skinny pants monopolized Korean fashion, but as always, designers offer a different direction and challenge, decisively proving their challenge by creating a good style in real life.

In fact, as a men’s wear, the history of wide pants is very long.

Beginning in the late 19th century, we had a modern history together, and in the 19th century military or college, students wore it with a wide cuff / sports court.

Recently, there are several characteristics of Korean men’s wide pants style.


Korean men’s wide pants features

  • The wide pant makes the legs look overly prolonged, and the long rise and elevated waistline alleviate it.
  • If you put your top on your pants and wear it, your legs may look longer.
  • Shoes with thick, sturdy soles can complement body proportions.
  • Crop-cut wide leg pants can create a modern image.


2 Korean Men’s Wide Pants Style

1. Baggy pants

The typical characteristics of Korean men’s pants are narrow hem, pleated pants, and a relatively relaxed thigh hip pattern. So, in general, the size of the hips and thighs of the bahhy pants is inevitably longer, and there are two or three pants pleats.

In fact, these wide pants need to be chosen more carefully than a slim/skinny fit, but if they are too large, they can be ridiculous, so the waist and hem should fit well.

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The main thing is to give the exhaust pants a clean line from the hips to the ankles.

For this reason, crop cuts or cuffs can be folded over 5 centimeters of peach bones or thinly folded once or twice.

If a cropped cut with a long rise and a hem makes the legs look shorter, look for an optical illusion effect such as extending the length by matching high-heeled dress shoes or socks with shoe/pants colors.


2.Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants have a wide hem and a more straight silhouette. Flat front or single pleats are the most common design.

A recent trend of Korean wide leg pants to keep an eye on is the length that is long enough to sweep the floor.

Crop-cut pants may be modern and concise, but wide-leg pants that cover the instep with thin fabrics are also recommended.

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For a silhouette that maintains a simple roundness to the hem, it is better to choose wide leg pants made of thick cotton or linen, but if you want a silhouette that changes dynamically with movement, you should choose a thin fabric.

Pair wide leg pants with dress shoes or simple designed sneakers.